Happy April Fools’ Day!
No joking going around here today…..

I’m quite sad as today is the last day of Startup Junkie Week – all week I’ve been chilling out and talking with Melody Biringer about her successes and failures in over 20 business, from big to small, successful to disaster. One thing you’ll notice in Melody’s new book, Craving Success, is that she’s had both highs and lows, and one area may entrepreneurs trip up on is the whole “making mistakes” part. So let’s talk about it!

If you haven’t, be sure to check out our four previous videos from startup junkie week – Monday was on supporting people, Tuesday was about Keeping it Small, and Wednesday was a fun chat about Flipping It, and yesterday we talked about the down and dirty facts on outsourcing.

So, making mistakes is awesome. Listen and learn why screwups are part of (life and) business, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Today’s your LAST chance to win a copy of Melody’s book….

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Whew. What a crazy week. THANK YOU so much for your support, your laughs, your likes, your tweets, and all the wonderful emails and feedback. We love it and both Melody and I appreciate the chance to just hang out with you here and talk biz!

Oh, and last call to win a book…. 🙂