Yay! Today’s day four of Startup Junkie Week, where I’m talking to Melody Biringer about her successes and failures in over 20 business launches. Melody is a dear friend, and I was glad to have her attention today to talk through one topic that I’ve only begun to master, and I get asked about all the time… outsourcing.

If you haven’t, be sure to check out our three previous videos from startup junkie week – Monday was on supporting people, Tuesday was about Keeping it Small, and yesterday was a fun chat about Flipping It.

So, do you have the right mentality about outsourcing? Listen and learn:

So, if you haven’t already………..

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Be sure to tune in tomorrow to hear about our last startup junkie week topic – it’s going to be a good one!! I’m kind of sad the week is going so fast, but it’s been a fantastic week so far – thanks for joining us for the ride. 🙂