It’s that time of year again.  The season when people trample each other in big box stores for discounted products, the weekends are filled with holiday parties and over consumption, and business folks reflect on the year past and goals/aspirations for the year ahead.

Unless you’re a pure retail brand, this time of year is a good time to reflect and look at where you’re headed.  I wanted to share some personal insight on a big decision I made recently; it relates to something all of us have said at one time or another:

“I’m tired of _______________”

tired of?

Have you ever declared your tiredness for X, Y, or Z?  It’s a sign.   Life on its own can be tiring, we don’t need to encourage it – so if something is tiring you, I suggest you think about when is a good time to make a change.

  • Tired of your killer commute?  Time to ask for a reprieve – or find something new.
  • Tired of not making progress on a project after months and months?  Time to try a new approach, or a new project altogether.
  • Tired of being frustrated with a software program or a application? Time to get some training or outsource.
  • Tired of getting asked the same questions over and over again? Time to setup an FAQ.
  • Tired of always chasing for new customers?  Time to improve the relationship you have with existing ones.
  • Tired of a professional (or even personal) relationship, colleague, or client that’s rubbing you the wrong way?  Time to communicate.
  • Tired of your website feeling like a treadmill? Shameless plug:  Time to hire my team. 🙂

Maybe not Now, but Soon…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words out of a client’s mouth over the years – when I’ve been training, when doing one-on-one coaching, on the strategic stuff and when sweating the small stuff.  Your brain only has capacity for so much, and when your day is full of tiny little stressors, those add up to be a big ball of distraction that hovers somewhere right behind your eyelids – not always painful enough, but always presence, ever watchful.

If you’re thinking about making some tweaks to your business/career in 2014, I suggest you start with the tired-of’s.   Big or small, turn them off, they don’t deserve your attention.

Do you have end-of-year reflection/resolution tips?  I’d love to hear what you look out for in the comments below.