Happy Holidays!  I hope you’ve gotten a chance to rest, relax, and plan your upcoming year. While I had a spare minute, I thought I’d share with you some upcoming news for 2013.


New Video-Based Class

I recently just freshened up a few sections of my book on website effectiveness, and I’ve had several requests for a product that’s somewhere in between the book (inexpensive, but not interactive) and my website critique (lots of value at a higher cost). I’ve decided to roll out a video-based training course that will walk through everything you need to improve your website, and the class will cost quite a bit less than my critique fee.

If you want to make sure you hear about the class when it launches, as well as get a discount code, be sure to signup for my email list – this will also sign you up for my free training:

FREE Resource Guides

I’d like to spend a little less time blogging in 2013 and instead write more detailed, deeper content, which I’m calling “resource guides.” These will be free and take you into more in-depth topics than a 500 word blog post can do. I already have a list of a few topics I’d like to write on, such as creating better customer feedback surveys, creating website focus groups, etc. – but I’d like to know what you want. If you could have any resource guide, what would want me to create? Tell me by filling in the form below.

That’s my two big announcements for the first couple months of 2013. I’m also working on a pilot program for a feedback group here in Portland; if that goes well, I’ll be rolling that out to you in the middle of the year.

Happy 2013. May the new year bring you peace, happiness, and success.