This weekend I spent time with 500 other entrepreneurs (both aspiring and well-established) at Chris Guillebeau’s inaugural World Domination Summit.

This event was one of the most profound experiences of my entrepreneurial career.


Simple put: the event wasn’t about information or knowledge, but that was there.  It wasn’t about tactics or strategies either, but I got plenty of those too.  It was about a tribe of awake, open, like-minded people ready to change their own little part of the world.  It sounds trite, but if you’ve ever experienced being in a room where everyone’s energy is focused  on the same path, you know what I’m talking about.

I went to the World Domination Summit (WDS) to maybe meet some new people and get exposed to new ideas.  I walked away a changed person.  To hear the success stories of some truly amazing people, to talk to and listen to speakers whose wisdom runs deep, really gave me a renewed sense of purpose and energy.  Judging by the amount of crying, poignant pauses, and electricity in the air, I wasn’t alone.

Sharing Some WDS Gems

WDS isn’t an event easily shared – you know the saying, you had to be there.  But I can share with you some pithy words of wisdom that I think you might find helpful.

The Universe wants you to win. Danielle Laporte

Regret is always optional.Pam Slim

Making comparisons is a colossal waste of time – you’re comparing your insides to their outsides.Karen Walrond

Slow Down.Mark Silver

I could share quotes for days, but I’d rather you take some time to sit quietly and think about this question, which vaguely sums up my WDS experience: “If I could open my arms and trust that I will find my Right Customers, Right Products, Right Services, Right Prices, how would that affect what I am doing right now?

I am already implementing changes to my business, after a couple of days of serious reflection, introspection, and other things that end in -tion.  I’m not ready to share them (though some of them are already in motion!)

Taking Ideas and Actioning Them

Great places to think: in the shower, and, er, in a hammock. 🙂

I didn’t sleep well the last night in town – so much weighed on my mind.  Earlier in the day I’d received some advice that hit me like a kick in the chest.  And I’d felt clobbered over the past two days with new ideas and perspectives that I wasn’t sure what to think.

The real epiphany happened in the car on the way home.  My dear friend and startup-junkie-business-maestro Melody Biringer was driving, and I asked her: Melody, what do you do when  you have conflicting advice?

Her answer (I paraphrase, too dumbstruck in the moment to have written it down):

You have to go with your gut  – it’s always right.  And if your gut doesn’t know, you haven’t got the right option in front of you, so keep looking.  It might be that you need to go out and fail fast.

Next Year

Melody said that last weekend, a movement was born.  She’s right.  World Domination is coming back to Portland in 2012.  It will sell out – possibly on the first day.  Don’t miss it.

Were you at WDS?  Please share your favorite quotes or wisdoms below.

Not at WDS but got questions?  Shout 🙂

Speaker photo credits – Ambrosia Studios