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I hate to brag, but you asked!

Andy is one of those rare people who can be extremely warm and personal while, at the same time, maintain a standard of professionalism any business would benefit from. If you are looking for ways to improve your business website’s performance, conversions and organization, Andy is your man! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and hope the sparks never end. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

– Jenny B Bones, Copywriter & Consultant, UpYourImpactFactor.com

candice“I owe a lot to Andy for helping me kick off my own small-scale social media management and consulting biz. He sat me down and picked my brain, helped me get over my fears, and gave me some awesome advice on how to get started!

Now Social Media Atlantic Canada is in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier!”

– Candice Walsh, Consultant, SocialMediaAAC.com

“I have used Andy Hayes for help in online marketing on more than one occasion. His recommendations have been an integral part in building my online business and influence.

Not only does he have excellent knowledge and ideas for growing my business, he has extensive knowledge in the many technical aspects of optimizing websites.”

– Debra Corbiel, Online Publisher, ThePlanetD.com

chrisIn two hours, I learned more from Andy than I had going to numerous professional development conferences. His opinions on brand management are stellar.

If you need a marketing mentor or website help, run – don’t walk – to Andy.”

– Chris Gray Faust, Former USA Today Editor, CAroundTheWorld.com


No matter how many workshops on website optimization I attend, I have never walked away with the quality of new insight as I did from this!

Thank you for all the individualized attention. Great job!”

– Rebecca Pillsbury, Owner of Green Pet Gifts Portland


It’s a truism that you don’t know what you don’t know – but thankfully, Andy does, and it has made all the difference to our site.

The advice Andy gave us is being implemented and already we have seen improvements.”

– Sarah Lee, Founder, Maia Communications


“I needed help. I couldn’t see what was wrong with the site and why people weren’t converting. After working with Andy, I had a concrete plan of what to do, and how to do it.

After implementing Andy’s suggestions, interaction overall has increased, and best of all, people are buying!”

– Brandie Kajino, SohoTechTraining.com

sandra“After working with Andy on a new design, my stats went up from below 20K page views in September (it had dropped from the all-time high of 24K) to 35K today. Even more exciting, my bounce rate never dipped below 65% until now – it’s dropped to 30%.

I think that can all be attributed to the new design.

– Sandra Foyt, AlbanyKid.com

richardWow, you have blown me away with understanding me, the market, and how to sell myself to that market. I will be poring over every detail in the days ahead and acting on them.”


– Richard Chowning, Consultant on Doing Business in Africa, AfricaMentor.com

sara bAndy combines excellent managerial attributes with a remarkable capacity to evaluate and develop new business opportunities based on the advancement related to online technology.

These talents, combined with a deep knowledge of the a variety of industries, a caring behaviour and a proactive attitude, make him the perfect business partner for SMEs that want to get advantage of the opportunities offered by the web.

– Sara Borghi, BruceClay.com

marciI have always looked to people I respect for constructive criticism, because even though it’s scary to hear at times, in fact it only points out what I often know intuitively, and I know if I take the suggestions from someone who knows their stuff, it will only improve the outcome.

Andy is one of those people.

– Marci Diehl, MarciDiehl.com

gray“Andy offers a breadth and depth of knowledge across entrepreneurial disciplines that has been a tremendous help to me. During our initial brainstorming session, he offered some outside-the-box ideas that never would have occurred to me, but that seem quite viable. He’s been very reliable in follow-up and in providing encouragement and ideas for overcoming the obstacles (real or perceived) that I have in pursuing my goals.”

 – Gary Cargill, Online Publisher, SoloFriendly.com & VegasSolo.com

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