For some reason, I picture a old monk, in flowing orange robes, stroking a long beard and gently laughing as I write this.

Peter J. Smith, in his book called OnWard! (published in 2000) said that success is a spiral.  I keep proving to myself over and over again that he’s right.

It’s Not Deja Vu

I’ve just reached another deja-vu point my business.  It’s happened before, and it always freaks me out, because I think “after all that, how the HELL did I end up back here?

It’s because success is a spiral.  You’re back where you were, but you’re up on another level.  Here’s the short version of the story…

The first day I hung up my virtual shingle I decided to setup a consulting package alongside my travel writing. It was here on in fact – the first domain I had.  Since I’d been a consultant for years (though not independent), I decided, why not offer a package similar to what I do in my day job.

That package was called a content upgrade.  It was cute and clever, but it lacked the refinements and clear execution that I have developed after doing so many of them.

Once that was working, I started to expand. I split everything out and put all of my content strategy and tourism marketing stuff over on  I added team members and offered soup-to-nuts bells and whistles.

As of yesterday, I am standing back on that point on the spiral.  I decided to pull back, drop everything, on focus on the stuff my team and I totally rock and love doing.  As I mentioned in the blog post the explains it all to my tourism customers, if it in’t your best work, it isn’t worth doing.

I could be frustrated – I’m now back where I started.  But I have learned so much in that one trip around the spiral – and although on the surface it looks like I am back to square one, in reality I’m no where near it.

Over to You…

Well, what do you think?  And, better question – are you doing your best work?