In case you haven’t noticed, the site has changed a little bit.  I’ve actually migrated over to a new theme; now all of my owned/managed websites are running on the same architecture.  This new theme also is easier to maintain and looks great on mobile phones too – bonus!

While changing over the site, I am introducing a new way to work with me.  It’s a new process inspired by Tara Gentile’s customer perspective process.


I’ve Been Watching You

I mean the generic you in this sense, but I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how customers interact with me and the overall process coming to be referred to me, choosing a package, working with me, and then taking action.  A couple of realizations in the past month of observation:

  • For big ticket items like consulting, people need more hand holding than they want to admit.  While lots of people think they want a website critique, it turns out lots of people aren’t really sure: not sure if they’re ready, not sure if they can actually do the work that comes out of it, sometimes not even sure what they’re not sure about.  Now, you actually have to talk to me (either on the phone, or email) before we work together.  It’s not really more work for me, but certainly a better experience for clients.
  • My typical client is VERY BUSY.  So,  I have stripped the site down to just the basics.  If you’ve only got a minute, you’ll get the gist.  I gave myself the advice I give my clients, and took away features and functions from the site that weren’t being used. 80/20 Rule in full effect.

It might seem like very busy people who aren’t really sure is a recipe for disaster, but not really – those are the people who are in most need of a producer!  It just means simplifying the process.  I still have my packaged services and offerings, but now you have to tell me a bit more about you before you get access to those, so I can help you choose.

Michael Port might call this a red velvet rope policy, but I like to think it of it more like a coffee lounge where we get to know each other a bit more first.    My challenge to you this spring is to take a closer look at your customer process – where are the kinks?  What could be even BETTER?  Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is just want the customer wanted.

How can I help?

Looking forward to this new customer experience so much!  Take a look around the site (there’s a fun quote on the homepage now), and if you or someone you know needs a producer, say hello.