First off, a special shout out and thank you to the lovely ladys at Ovaleye for their really fun video response to my spin class video.

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Now, the top three human resources issues facing solopreneurs/entrepreneurs right now (or, well, at least me):

  • We no longer have a meme for evaluating talent.  In a world without CVs/resumes, everyone positions themselves differently.  Who wins?  The people who position well, not always the people who are the most talented. (Same problem existed in previous meme, but the affect is more pronounced now.)
  • There is not enough middle-of-road talent.  Lots of people are competing be the luxury, best-in-town, lots-of-money [insert role title here], and plenty of folks are fishing for the cheap cheap projects (just look at Elance), but there’s no middle-of-the-road folks, like maintenance, or just inexpensive one off projects.  It’s just a trend I’m seeing but I’m not sure what to make of it quite yet.
  • There is a glut of talent and tools.  The problem in many cases isn’t finding someone qualified, nor is it a case of finding a marketplace (er, like Elance) to look for those resources.  The problem is that there are too  many – too many marketplaces, too many tools.  And you can try everything for free, so it is a cross between a needle and a hackstack and overeating on a dessert buffet.

If you are doing your job as an entrepreneur, you WILL face hiring issues, even if you wanted to keep your business lean and mean and small – if it ever becomes someone besides you and your dog, who you going to hire?  In my experience in HR, it is far better to think about these things upfront rather than try to correct mistakes after the fact.

Are you seeing/facing hiring issues in your business? How are you dealing with those issues?

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