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“I need a (new) website.”

They say these days you have to have a website. “They” say a lot of things, don’t they? But this time, they’re absolutely right.

A website is your anchor in the vast digital sea where most consumers today make their purchasing decisions. Without an organized and effective website, you’ve lost control.

Along with my graphics and technical team, we’ll design a website that not only promotes your brand and provides a sales platform, but also provides a home-base for all your marketing communications.

I can support you in finding your website’s “sweet spot,” making everything as simple as possible to build a site that works for you and will be easy to maintain. Costs and timelines vary depending on your specific needs, but you’ll want to budget at least $1,500 for a new or newly-designed site.

Mary JoI’m tech challenged and as a result put off a blog re-design for far too long.

Working with Andy was simple and pain free, despite my lack of background it this area, and he asked enough questions that my lack of background didn’t matter.

It was exciting to watch him take my ideas and dreams and bring them to life. I can enthusiastically recommend working with Andy — he’s completed a second project for me and we’re already talking about a third.
– Mary Jo Manzanares, TheTravelersWay.com

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