I’m not the end-all-be-all business expert. I’m a relentless pursuer of methods, theories, and business models, but I am no prophet.

Time and time again, I see recurring themes in my small business coaching clients. Usually, a small biz owner comes to me and…

  • Wants external validation of their idea and theory
  • Needs permission to move forward
  • Requires a confidence boost to get them on the right track

Regardless of whether you fit any of those categories or not, here is the best business advice I could ever give you….

Often, the best business advice is the simplest of suggestions.

The only way to truly find out if any idea works is to try it.

This post-it note was next to the desk of  a Buddhist painter that I met here in Seattle at an art walk last week. One would, of course, expect a zen artist to have pithy insights, but ladies and gents, this is good advice.  Try it.