So today we’re doing something a little different to change it up – it’s a quick coffee break chat. Whoo! The subject of today’s topic is goal planning, something that instills fear in many of you. 🙂

This is how excited I get when talking about goals.

I’m addressing this topic because many of you have asked about it, BUT don’t feel the need to do this task right now. Wait until the time is right, but don’t use that as the only excuse.

Get a pencil, paper, and a big cup of coffee/tea and hit play! Call time approx. 17 minutes, including jazzy music! 🙂

Right Click to Download the MP3 here (approx 17MB)

The Five Steps I Use to Plan Goals

Here are the five steps I outline in today’s quick coffee chat.

Step 1: Visualisation

  • Picture the perfect day, the perfect place.
  • Athletes have long known about the power of visualisation. Did you know that an athlete who spends 1 hour for 5 days just picturing the perfect game will perform better than if they had spent 1 hour for 5 days on the field practising? This stuff works, people. Do it.
  • If you have trouble, write down all that clutter in your head. Or go for a walk. Do it.

Step 2: White Space

  • Get on your dancing shoes and GROOVE!
  • Clear out all the dead wood. Take as long as you need. This might be your house, your personal life, your business…. whatever is in the way, get rid of it!

Step 3: Working Backwards

  • Get on your dancing shoes and GROOVE!
  • Thinking about those things you want to achieve, what are the things you need to do now to get there?
  • Make a list, working backwards.

We overestimate what we can achieve in a day, but underestimate what we can achieve in a year.
– Chris Guilleabeau

Creating a Tracking Sheet

  • Get on your dancing shoes and GROOVE!
  • Simple is better… a place where you can check in with yourself every day, week, and month.

Follow Up.

  • Get on your dancing shoes and GROOVE!
  • Check in. Every week, every month. Repeat the process every 6 months.
How do you do your goal planning? Anything you’d like to add?

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Speaking of follow up, I’ll be back here in a couple weeks for a new video message for you.