One of the problems that has plagued advertising and marketing creatives/creators since the beginning of time since we started advertising stuff is the distinction between clever and clear.  Let me be, er, clear:

Clear marketing makes sense to customers. It’s the website that you buy regularly from because it doesn’t get in your way.

Clever marketing is fun but not always effective.  It’s the TV commercial where you laughed but you don’t know what they were selling.

Clear but clever marketing is a sweet spot that is hard to find.   It’s the business that you understand and leaves you happy to be a smiling customer and want to tell others.

 clever versus clear

What does this have to do with websites?

Most websites fall into these same categories.  Clear websites might not be the life of the party, but they covert.  Clever websites have stupid stuff like those people that walk onto the screen and start talking, dancing widgets and things that flash.  Clear but clever websites are beautiful to look at AND beautiful to use.

In my top-to-bottom website review (and, honestly, many of my other consulting packages), it is all about getting clear(er), then getting more creative. Clarity can solve a lot of website issues, such as:

  • Is it clear what you do? (Clear taglines and content help.)
  • Is it clear where I should go to solve my problem? (Clear menu options help.)
  • Is it clear I can trust you and could work with you?  (Clear about pages, social proof and contact info help.)

Clever is great, but only if your potential & current customers are clear on your story.  Let me know if I can help.