I co-authored a book about better websites.

Create a Website that Converts

Available now on Kindle!

(People say it is pretty good.)

In 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kelly Erickson, owner of VisionPoints, a company that specializes in creating great Customer Experience through strategic, integrated interior and graphic design.

Our skills turned out to be a match made in heaven, and in 2011, we co-authored the book Create a Website that Converts.

(It’s currently only available for Kindle – or Kindle apps on your computer, table, or mobile phone.)

Inside this book, Kelly and I talk about our hard-learned lessons on the best practices for web design. Our goal was to provide you with the information you need to remove any and all confusion from your visitors, transforming your website into a thriving marketing tool.

Most books on the market are full of complex, generic theories – we tossed all that out the window and wrote for real people we both know, who want to put real advice to use right away.

“I’ve learned through experience to trust Andy and Kelly’s professional advice in small business and marketing.

This latest book is exactly like I expect: direct, full of good advice, and enjoyable to read. They have me switching back and forth from this book to my own websites, to see where I can put this advice to work immediately.”

– Becky McCray, Author, SmallBusinessSurvival.com

What’s Inside?

  • Website Examples and online marketing stories taken from the real-world experiences of business owners. Theory and hypothetical situations can be fun, but not very helpful to those of you trying to make a living with your businesses.
  • Why the way you’ve been talking to your Ideal Customers is killing your sales. You need to learn to speak in a voice they will understand and respect as an authority in your niche. We’ll show you how.
  • What web-user profiling can tell you about how to design and write for your site. These methods are so effective, your customers will wonder how you read their minds! How much easier would it be to make a sale if you knew precisely what your potential customers were thinking?
  • How to compete for attention when you’ve only three seconds to grab your visitors’ attention. You heard correctly. You have three seconds to grab the attention of a visitor and keep them on your site. Count to three, right now. See how fast that was?
  • The secret to getting your customers to tell all their friends about your product or service. While the secret revealed in this book may seem counter-intuitive, you’ll be amazed at how effective it is. Nothing works better than word-of-mouth and this book will show you how to get it easily and consistently.
  • Simple changes you can make right now to improve your online conversion rate. You’re a busy professional and have more important ways to spend your time than learning the technical ins-and-outs of web design. So start with these “quick wins.”

Each chapter includes its very own “Action Plan” – short lists of critical action steps can be put to use immediately to start improving your sales.

“Wow! Now I feel like I can actually attack Panorama Motel website issues myself.

For mom and pop business owners like my wife and I, who had someone else put our website together, it is great to have this guide to hold our hands and give us confidence, with step-by-step procedures, to think about reorganizing and rewriting parts of it to work better for us.”

– Peter & Roxann Flynn, Owners, PanoramaMotelNY.com

Get the Book

Click here to download your copy of Create a Website that Works – available for Kindle and all Kindle-compatible apps and devices.

Need more hands-on help? You’ll want to go here for that.


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