Photographic proof that I am not always glued behind a desk.

I took the scenic route to get here.

I was still in school when I started my first tech job, working as a database administrator at Lafayette Life, a small insurance company. My team and I built one of the first “apps” that allowed an insurance agent to access data and calculate estimates without being connected to the Internet.  Sounds simple, but back then there was no Wifi, no smartphones, and lots of dial-up.

That job taught me that if you have a great team and great focus, you can achieve a lot even if you don’t have a lot of resources.

Then I moved on to work at PeopleSoft (now Oracle Corporation), a large software company, based out of their Amsterdam office.  I managed a team of 12 where everyone who worked for me was from a different country.  I worked in a multi-million dollar usability lab to do website testing (doing things you can now do online for a fraction of the time/money).

That job taught me about understanding that everyone has a different perspective (which is why I keep saying “think like your clients!”).

As you now know, I eventually went on to start my own business, combining all of my previous years of experiences and skills into a focused producer role, helping clients worldwide improve their websites, build their audiences and reach, and encourage everyone to have more fun!

Let’s work together.


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