I get a lot of clients who have a really tough time with their sites “because they aren’t writers.”   This is an understandable problem because yes, words are an important part of an effective website.

writing tips for non writers

Being a good writer is NOT the same thing as being able to put together a great website. There’s a lot more to the package. If you consider yourself a bad writer, chin up and consider some of these suggestions on those days you’re dealing with your site.

Write How You Speak

You know slick copy the instant you see it – it’s covered in “but wait, there’s more” and “free gift with purchase” crap, and it feels very rehearsed.

If you’re reading this, I suspect you aren’t selling products that have recently appeared on an infomercial, so skip the slick approach and go with words that are how you speak. Yes, even if you aren’t the most eloquent person in town – travelers who read copy that is understandable, even if it is basic, can empathise with you. and almost picture the person they’ll be meeting when they arrive.

And isn’t that the goal of your site, to give them a preview of what they’re buying? I mean, would you really not want to book a stay on a cowboy ranch whose site didn’t have a hint of twang, or reserve a tour with a guide whose sales copy sounded like she would be a riot to hang out with for a couple days?

Write Less

Cut the fluff.

You know your product better than anyone. What do people ask you about all the time? What’s the biggest concern of your ideal customer? What makes it one of a kind? What else do you want people to know? Cut the crap and answer those critical questions.

Get Help for the Important Stuff

I know I’m biased since I offer website consulting packages, but you need to get a professional to help you on the important pages of your site – that’s the home/about pages, and especially your product pages as well.

A third party perspective can help you point out what you’ve not made clear, or highlight obvious improvements that you might not see because you’re too close to the stuff you’re selling.

Try Another Medium: Video, Audio, Photography

If you hate words, then why not use other forms of content to help spruce up that web presence. If you’re a photo pro or can dazzle folk with fun and engaging videos, then make them.

In fact, I encourage you to try experimenting with podcasts, photo galleries, and videos because you may find you’re more skilled than you think (and your customers might love that content even more than you expect).

Videos don’t have to be stellar TV productions. A touch of polish is just enough.

Don’t forget the most important part.

Don’t forget the most important part of any web content page: asking for the sale! Tell them who you are, tell them what you do, and then tell them how to proceed. Whether that’s “here’s more info on our related package” on a blog post, to a easy-to-find “book now” button your packages page, don’t forget this part.

    (Second most important? Tell them where to go if they have questions.
    Speaking of which, if you have questions about what I do? start here.)

P.S. Your writing isn’t as bad as you think it is.