What if you could participate in a focused group that gave you the support you need to get your website in shape
and grow your audience ?

Just like keeping up with your accounting and taxes, sometimes you need an extra hand and external perspective to make sure your web presence is the best that it can be.

To help you get out of your own way and take your website to the next level, I’m hosting my second website working group (in Portland Oregon). The working group is a 3-session mastermind series designed to give you the resources and support to make major website improvements in 3 weeks (or less).

improve your website

“I got more done during this workshop on my business than I got done in the month before. Useful, well-paced, informative, and open-ended enough I could follow my nose. Thanks.” – Pearl K

How will the website working group, er, work?

Unlike my previous working groups, this group will meet in person in Portland, Oregon for three 2-hour sessions. This new format will enable me to work with you hands-on, while also giving you real-time interaction with others in the group for feedback and brainstorming.

Here’s a sneak peek of our 3 week curriculum:

mastermind agenda

Each week I’ll present new material, then give you time to work and ask questions; we’ll also set aside time to review and share as a group. Bring a laptop and your logins/passwords, as we’re going to be getting stuff done IN the sessions!

“LOVED your workshop! I got more done in the workshop than I had in the weeks leading up to…thank you, thank you, thank you! – Michelle B

“Your workshop helped make everything click into place for me! To that point, I had been having a little difficulty translating actions for my specific business. Thank you so much for such a useful, easily applicable approach to building your audience. And a huge thank you for being so approachable and willing to answer questions.” – Nicole R

How much does it cost and when does it start?

RSVP now for a seat in the working group for $399.  This includes all of the sessions plus email support during the 3 weeks we are working together.

My upcoming Portland mastermind (June 10th, June 19th, and June 24th) is full. RSVP for the waitlist below.

Thanks again Andy. You are absolutely remarkable in timely response! I know how busy you are, yet you always find time to answer questions. I truly appreciate that level of commitment to me as a client.
– Margie A


In two hours, I learned more from Andy than I had going to numerous professional development conferences. His opinions on brand management are stellar. If you need a marketing mentor or website help, run – don’t walk – to Andy.”

– Chris F

Wow, you have blown me away with understanding me, the market, and how to sell myself to that market. I will be poring over every detail in the days ahead and acting on them.”

– Richard C


“I needed help. I couldn’t see what was wrong with the site and why people weren’t converting. After working with Andy, I had a concrete plan of what to do, and how to do it. After implementing Andy’s suggestions, interaction overall has increased, and best of all, people are buying!”

– Brandie K

Frequently Asked Questions

My site is not live yet, or still requires a lot of heavy technical work. Is this group for me?

To join this group, you definitely need a site that is up and available for group discussion.  If you have a lot of technical development going on, this may distract from the optimization work going on in our group.  If in doubt, just email me – andy @ andyhayes.com – and we can talk about it.

How much effort do you think I need to put forth in other to be successful in this group?

Good question, and a hard one to answer.  In general, I think the traditional advice applies here: what you put into it, you’ll get back out of it.  At a minimum, I would ask that you dedicate 2 hours per week.

I’m really a technical novice, and I’m afraid by doing this, I will just end up with a pile of work I need a developer to do.  Will that happen?

Most of the websites I review don’t have technical problems, they have customer problems – language and organization are 90% of the battle.  You may end up with a technical to do list, and I’ll  help you prioritize it and find help tackling it.   I’ll even offer you a discount on my technical services, if you truly need an extra pair of tech hands not covered by our work in the sessions.

I attended the Pioneer Nation Workshop. Will this be the same material?

Yes, some of the material will be the same, but there is additional material being presented here on website optimization techniques. You’ll also have quite a bit more opportunity in these sessions to ask questions as well as partner with others in the group for networking, feedback, and support.

This is a bad time, I’m busy.  Will you be running another session?

If you never make time to improve your business, you’ll always be stuck being “busy.”  At this time, I am not sure I’ll offer another session.

I just want a critique – I am not interested in (or not able) to help the others.  Is the mastermind part required?

Yes, the mastermind is required – teamwork is a must have for this group.  Don’t undersell your ability to provide valuable feedback to others in the group; you’re a consumer, you eat at restaurants and stay at hotels, right?  Then you can help your fellow businesses with feedback.  And the more you help them, the more they can help you.  See how good that feels?

When will you pick the meeting times and location? Will I have to pay before knowing the dates/times?

No, you will know the times and location beforehand. I’ll choose these based on the initial response and notify you at least one week before we begin. Payment will be required before/day of the first session.

Still have more questions?  Email me – andy@andyhayes [dot]com.


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