It’s that time of year again. Time for my live website critique workshops!


For those of you based in Portland (Oregon), I’ll be hosting another live website critique workshop on May 15th, 6:30PM.  Big thanks to Neighborhood Notes for coordinating the schedules again like last time.  Tickets available here – it’s a smaller venue, so be sure to signup ASAP.

Can’t Make it to Portland? No problem.

I have had several requests for another live webinar series for those not here in Portland or just on a tighter budget – ask and you shall receive!

Please click here and fill out my quick webinar survey to register your interest.

I’ll use the information here to schedule webinars for April based on the ideal times and scenarios you choose. Filling out the survey does not mean you are committed to a purchase – at this point it’s simply to gather interest and pick time slots.  Pass it on if you know someone else who might be interested.

Can’t wait to hear your voice or see you in person!