Catherine Caine is just one of those people who is part visionary and part crazy-ass-person.   She truly has some genius thoughts about how small businesses can change the world, and a lot of introspective thoughts about the people who run those world-changing businesses.

In this 30 minute interview (er, ok, we went a little over), we talk about:

  • Why Cash and Joy are at the heart of every business.
  • A Suggestion that bunny slippers are better than non-bunny slippers.
  • Why every small business owner should think about transformation
  • How Catherine and Andy are alchemists, and other brand archetypes you should think about
  • What is DIY Magnificence and why you should care right now.

Today’s a bit of a random show, I admit, but I guarantee that you’ll end this call with more than one thing to think about.

Right Click here to download the MP3.

Resources Mentioned on the Call:

  • SHERPA Magazine: Ok, so we didn’t mention this on the call, because all the cool people already know about it. 🙂  My monthly business magazine is FREE.  Why aren’t you on the list?
  • The Alchemist:  one of the best books for entrepreneurs.  Buy a copy – you’ll want to read it again.
  • DIY Magnificence: Catherine’s lovely real world, change-your-life product.  Signup NOW so you get the extra cool bonus freebie, Couch to Magnificence.
What has all this talk about magnificence and alchemy got you thinking about? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.