An Organized Website is a Profitable Website

You want your visitors to feel at home on your site the moment they arrive. You don’t want them wandering around the muck and mire of a disorganized site, feeling lost and alone. They need you! And I’m here to help them find you.

I’m Andy Hayes. I’ve worked with internet and web-based technologies for over a decade.


I know what makes a great site tick.

My work with web technologies started in 1997, when I was helping companies take advantage of this brand new thing called the “world wide web” to make their businesses more efficient. Since then I’ve helped brands, big and small, with project management, website testing & optimization, content strategy, search engine optimization, visual design, sales and marketing.

Website advice that works – based on years of experience.

I’ve been known to work 24 hours straight if that’s what it takes to get a site launched successfully. And I’m prepared to work that hard for your site. Are you ready?

After being unemployed for nearly a year and trying to figure out what to do, Andy’s one-on-one session helped erase my doubts He offered solid advice and suggested ideas I hadn’t even thought about. He really knows his stuff! – Candice Walsh

You need your site to serve as a communications outpost. A place where you control the message AND where you can consistently bring in new customers through Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook…or the latest and greatest social media platform. (Yes, they keep popping up but I have my finger on the pulse of the latest technologies at all times.)

Optimizing your website means getting your visitors to take action.

Whether you want them to download your free white paper, sign up for your newsletter or buy your latest widget, without organization and optimization chances are your visitors won’t know what to do.

Are your visitors all “tire kickers?” They come around, check it out and then leave, never to be heard from again.

Is your site getting ample traffic but no one’s commenting, buying or signing up?

I feel your pain. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to turn their sites around from so-so to kick-ass in no time.

It’s not hard, there’s no magic in this, but if you don’t know what the problems are…how can you fix them?

Wow, you have blown me away with understanding me, the market, and how to sell myself to that market.

I will be poring over every detail in the days ahead and acting on them.

– Richard Chowning, Consultant on Doing Business in Africa

Getting organized is not just about tidying up sidebars, uploading new testimonials or adding new blog posts. It’s not just about taming unwieldy navigation menus, increasing traffic or creating new offerings…although all these things are important.

To get to the heart of your website’s organization, you must examine how your website functions as a whole, from top to bottom.

You must pull it all apart, and put it back together again.

Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit. In fact, once you’ve done this, your website will start to flow effortlessly.

Suddenly, you’re back in the driver’s seat. You feel liberated. And your visitors feel calm, knowing exactly which action you want them to take as soon as they land on your site.

It’s all win.

Together, we will create a website that works for you…and design it to keep working long after we’re done.

Which package is best for you?

They say these days you have to have a website. “They” say a lot of things, don’t they? But this time, they’re absolutely right.

A website is your anchor in the vast digital sea where most consumers today make their purchasing decisions. Without an organized and effective website, you’ve lost control.

Along with my graphics and technical team, we’ll design a website that not only promotes your brand and provides a sales platform, but also provides a home-base for all your marketing communications.

I can support you in finding your website’s “sweet spot,” making everything as simple as possible to build a site that works for you and will be easy to maintain. Costs and timelines vary depending on your specific needs, but you’ll want to budget at least $1,500 for a new or newly-designed site.

Mary JoI’m tech challenged and as a result put off a blog re-design for far too long.

Working with Andy was simple and pain free, despite my lack of background it this area, and he asked enough questions that my lack of background didn’t matter.

It was exciting to watch him take my ideas and dreams and bring them to life. I can enthusiastically recommend working with Andy — he’s completed a second project for me and we’re already talking about a third.
– Mary Jo Manzanares,

Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss your project’s individual needs.

Not sure or need some help choosing? No worries – get in touch and we can discuss

You have a website that looks great and attracts the type of people you want to work with. You’re getting decent traffic, too.

But for some reason, nobody’s buying anything and you have no idea what the problem is.

You don’t have time to spend all day futzing and fidgeting with your site’s menus and pages…you have customers to find and a monster tasklist to finish. I get it.

My top-to-bottom website analysis will provide you with a comprehensive action-plan on how to optimize your site. I know how to pick apart a website from the perspective of your customers and offer you specific suggestions (that work!) on how you can increase sales from each and every visitor.

It’s a truism that you don’t know what you don’t know – but thankfully, Andy does, and it has made all the difference to our site.

The advice Andy gave us is being implemented and already we have seen improvements. It was difficult to subject our site, which is precious to us, to an external review but it was handled sensitively and professionally.

When we undertake our next review, we want Andy onboard again.
– Sarah Lee, Founder, Maia Communications

I needed help. I couldn’t see what was wrong with the site, why people weren’t converting, why they were troubled with how to get around on the site. I was frustrated!

After working with Andy, I had a concrete plan of what to do, and how to do it. I felt relieved and excited about putting everything into action. After implementing Andy’s suggestions, interaction overall has increased, and best of all, people are buying!

Thanks so much for your wisdom and straight up honesty. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Brandie Kajino,

Easy as 1-2-3:

1. I’ll ask you some questions to get us started. You’ll answer them. (See? Told you it was easy.)

2. I’ll spend at least 4 hours on your site, evaluating every element from your calls to action, copy, navigation, sidebars, blog, social media strategy and more. Then, I’ll write it all up in a nifty report that you will use as your roadmap to success.

3. We’ll schedule a 1-hour consultation where we’ll discuss my findings and you can get all of your questions answered.

All that remains is for you to implement what we’ve discovered and wait for the sales to come in.

Your website optimization analysis costs $799 (unless you’re Amazon or Walmart…then I might charge a little more). Contact me to get started.

Not sure or need some help choosing? No worries – get in touch and we can discuss

No matter how great your site is, my bet is you could still use more traffic. And not just any old traffic. You need more visitors that are pre-qualified for what you are offering.

Following the latest advice can have you chasing your tail faster than you can say “search engine.” While Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest might work great for some businesses, SEO and paid advertising works better for others. What to do?

Well, you could spend months testing them all individually…or you could just give me a call.

I offer a 90- minute consultation where we’ll discuss specific strategies on increasing qualified traffic. We’ll uncover which social media networks and online traffic sources are best for you. I’ll show you how to use them – and what NOT to do – to optimize your marketing efforts.

Save time and money while keeping your sanity.

My own blog network receives over 4 million visitors every year. Many of my consulting clients get that much traffic per month. Trust someone who’s been there and done it many, many times.

Andy is a genius at fixing problems quickly and efficiently.

One quick look at our site from Andy and he identified the problem and sent us the solution.

If it weren’t for Andy. We would have gone on forever not achieving our results and wondering what we were doing wrong.”

— Dave and Debra Corbeil, Travel Bloggers,

I wanted to learn more about using blogs to start marketing for selling my books and DVD’s!!

Andy was the perfect match for me!

He had just the right mix of nudging, patience, and humor. His feedback about my blogs was so helpful and I have implemented ALL his suggestions. Andy is your man!

– Lorraine Wright

This 90-minute consultation costs $299. You’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire first, then after our call you’ll receive an MP3 recording to download and keep forever.

Get your traffic-driving consult today.

Not sure or need some help choosing? No worries – get in touch and we can discuss


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