As requested/predicted/foreshadowed, I’ve delved into the world of video. A lot of your feedback recently was for me to cover more personal topics but keep an open/fresh perspective. So this is an experiment – tell me what you think down in the comments!

Video Summary

  • [00:00] Snazzy Intro Graphics (cool, huh?)
  • [02:10] What I’m Listening To: Night Work from Scissor Sisters (link to MP3 download)
  • [02:30] What I’m Reading: The Mesh
  • [04:05] Who I’m Looking Up To: Chris Guillebeau, who just published The Art of Non Conformity and is hosting the World Domination Summit next year.
  • [06:15] Today’s Food for Thought: Fire. What if your life/business burnt down today. Would you rebuild it the same tomorrow?

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Note: Those scary links all go to Amazon, where I get a few pennies if you buy. Those pennies will go into my piggy bank to help pay for my travels. I recommend products because I love them, not because they fill my piggy bank.