After much pondering and review, this week I’ll be rolling out some of the biggest changes to my biz since I started. (For the morbidly curious, yes, I’ll be blogging about it.)  It’s the result of what’s been a pretty momentous year, in both good and bad ways.

A member of my family is worryingly sick.
The economy has started to negatively affect a part of my business.
I’m now in a (I hope) long term relationship.

As a Libra who thrives on external opinion and validation, whenever things get difficult, I seek advice.  Like a raging river, life keeps flowing forward, whether you’re ready to move ahead or not.

Four people in the last month have all given me the same piece of advice (one of them actually unsolicited advice, but welcome nonetheless).  It’s great advice, and as we rock on into the end of another calendar year, I’d like to share it.

“Take it one day at a time.”

What else can you do?

After days and days of rain, this gorgeous afternoon view arrived. Worth waiting for. One day at a time.