So, here you are, on my newly-revised site, wondering why the heck I’ve got yet another blog.  I run a travel lifestyle magazine and a popular travel online marketing blog, so surely I already have said what I need to say, right?

Not exactly.

Ok, The Background Story

So, when I first started blogging a few years ago, it was here on  This was my first domain.  But then in October of last year, the travel site really exploded, to the point I had to move everything over onto a VPS (a private server).  At that time, I split the domains up, so that the travel magazine got its own domain and all the accoutrements.

The problem with that was that I lost that space where I could wax philosophically – and publicly (whether anyone is listening or not isn’t the point).  My blogs are very commercial, and intentionally so; that isn’t to say there isn’t a lot of personality there, but the point of them is to make money.  I do have to eat, you know. 🙂

My intention was always to revive and do something nice with it.  That was put on the backburner for ages – just ask Rachael, who had helped me plotting it forever.  Well, we finally finished and I’m pleased with the result.

What To Expect

So, yes, now that you know the background, you’re probably wondering why the hell you are still here?  Well, I hope to share here inside reflections on life(style) and entrepreneurship.  The world is in a sorry state, and I’m not too pleased about it.  Too many people are unhappy and miserable.  And not doing anything about it.  I know – I was one of them.

I don’t plan on being a cheerleader on small business ownership, nor do I plan on organising massive parades or anything of the sort.  But people are always asking me questions about certain things, so I figure if everyone is curious, this is the perfect place to answer them.

Plus, it’s always nice to have a place for me to point to when people ask me: what the heck is it that you do?  This question comes up more often that you realise. 🙂

Staying in Touch

If you’re keen on staying in touch, then you can subscribe to updates here.  I’m not doing an official newsletter as such, but you do have two options:

  • RSS:  RSS stands for ‘really simple syndication’  and it is just that – simple.  It’s like a newspaper subscription where someone throws the latest copy of the news on your front lawn.  Since we don’t have front lawns here, we have RSS readers.  Google Reader is what I use – check it out then subscribe.
  • Email:  If you don’t like RSS or just don’t have time to set it up, there is also an email subscription box up there in the upper right hand corner.  I will never sell your email address, so it is safe with me.  Once you signup, you’ll just get an email copy of anything that appears here on the site.  Easy peasy.

I don’t plan on posting here frequently – probably once or twice a month.  Welcome along for the journey – it’s going to be a fun ride.

PS – Do you have small business topics you want discussed here?  Let me know in the comments!

Photo by John Morgan