I’ve been talking to a lot of clients lately who really seem to have over-engineered themselves into a real mess. At the end of the day, if there is only one principle you can stick to for making  your website suck less and sell more, it is this:

Keep It Simple

I see so many websites that add complexity and confusion with:

  • big, intense site navigation
  • lots and lots and lots (and lots) of options at every step
  • flashing graphics, widgets, and wazoos

Stop the madness and get rid of all the noise, and get back to the basics.

Check Your Google Listing

Google does a really nice job of listing a simple, easy to read listing of websites and often includes subnavigation for the pages in a website used most frequently.  Here are a few examples of Google entries – aren’t nice and simple?




Note: I’m not saying these websites aren’t good.  I’m just saying this:  look at that Google listing.  Isn’t it simple, user-friendly, and most likely have everything you might need to get started right on one screen – with clear points to where I can go if I want something else not there?

Homework:  Go and Google yourself.  A lot of you might not have the sub-navigation links unless you have a lot of traffic or a high ranking.  But picture it if you did.  Compared to that visual image, is your website a disaster or is it doing the job it needs to do?

Steal This From Google Too

I’ve heard that the Google team has a founding principle for Google’s homepage:  any time something is added, something already there has to go.  Sounds like a pretty good rule to me.  That doesn’t mean sometimes you just have to add that extra thing, but go through that thought process.

Let me know if I can help.