One of Seattle's Amazing Summer Sunsets

It’s been a hot summer for many. (Too hot for some.)
But you knew that already.

Summer is often when a lot of business slack. And why not? It’s sunny out, the skies are clear, and who can blame you for margaritas as two o’clock when everybody else with a “real” job is on vacation?

The thing is, we often create excuses for ourselves that aren’t true. Are you being blinded by the light? Or just lazy? Find out in today’s video.

For the pundits, yes, it seems that I find my epiphanies in exercise.

Important: Birthday Cakes and Cocktails

As mentioned in my video, I’ll be celebrating my birthday this month with a little sizzle. Want to know what it is? And also, get a copy of tomorrow’s SHERPA Magazine, hot off the press? Then hurry up and signup for the list!