Masculine vs Feminine: Does Gender Matter in Your Web Design?


A lot of my web producer projects lately have dealt with the topic of gender in web design.  Does masculine versus feminine matter when comes to building your website? In my professional opinion, it’s complicated.  Let’s talk it through. First, the Psychology of Gender in Web Marketing The impacts of gender in marketing have been well studied for […]

Do You Know Your Pattern(s)?


Do you know your business patterns?  No, I’m not talking about interior design here.  Let me back up with a story. One of my first business advisors, many years ago, was a guy by the name of Alex.  Alex didn’t like calling himself a life coach or business coach, because of all the associations one […]

Test Your Stuff!


This weekend I enjoyed a very-much-needed serenity/spa/ski break in Beaver Creek, Colorado with my good friend Margo.  It was a superb weekend and very enjoyable, but if you know me, you know it is rare I go anywhere and not come back with a story… Unfortunately, 4 days of serenity were ruined by the trip […]