Introducing a New Customer Process


In case you haven’t noticed, the site has changed a little bit.  I’ve actually migrated over to a new theme; now all of my owned/managed websites are running on the same architecture.  This new theme also is easier to maintain and looks great on mobile phones too – bonus! While changing over the site, I […]

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Is a “One Page” Website a Good Idea?


Today’s question comes to us from Melissa Woolridge. (*waves hi*) In addition to website themes that look a lot like Pinterest, there are a lot of websites now coming out that appear as just one page – this theme from WooThemes is a good example. Melissa’s question was, simply, are website layouts like this a […]

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Upcoming Workshops (in Portland, Oregon and Online!)


It’s that time of year again. Time for my live website critique workshops! For those of you based in Portland (Oregon), I’ll be hosting another live website critique workshop on May 15th, 6:30PM.  Big thanks to Neighborhood Notes for coordinating the schedules again like last time.  Tickets available here - it’s a smaller venue, so be sure […]

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Masculine vs Feminine: Does Gender Matter in Your Web Design?


A lot of my web producer projects lately have dealt with the topic of gender in web design.  Does masculine versus feminine matter when comes to building your website? In my professional opinion, it’s complicated.  Let’s talk it through. First, the Psychology of Gender in Web Marketing The impacts of gender in marketing have been well studied for […]

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Do You Know Your Pattern(s)?


Do you know your business patterns?  No, I’m not talking about interior design here.  Let me back up with a story. One of my first business advisors, many years ago, was a guy by the name of Alex.  Alex didn’t like calling himself a life coach or business coach, because of all the associations one […]

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brand overhaul

Behind the Scenes: 5 Steps to a Brand Overhaul

brand overhaul

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve really excited today because we’ve just pulled back the curtains on a major brand overhaul of the online magazine that I produce.  The new site?  Plum Deluxe.  The new focus is on simple luxuries and “treating yourself” and includes both an editorial expansion as well as a lot of new branding, […]

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Why You Probably Shouldn’t Be A/B Testing…


Many of my potential website critique clients ask me about “A/B testing” – more specifically, if they should be doing that instead of getting a critique.  90% of the time my answer is no – a self-serving answer, I suppose, but let’s dig into it a bit. First off, what IS A/B testing anyway? Put simply, A/B […]

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