3 Things I’ve Learned About Teaching


FYI: I’m running another mastermind class for Portland, Oregon based businesses – signups end Thursday, April 17th. RSVP here. When I started my business nearly 7 years ago, I never thought of myself as a teacher – and yet, when I look back, that’s what I’ve been doing the entire time. My first paying gig […]

What would be easy?


After my last announcement about Plum Deluxe Productions, I had a few emails asking if I was going to offer my end-of-year planners like I have in the past.  The answer is no, but Leah Goard, Michelle Nikolaisen, and Jamie Tardy all  have some excellent resources for you. I do have an interesting assessment for […]

Introducing Plum Deluxe Productions


If you’ve been to my services page recently, you might have noticed something different.  No more website critiques.  No more contact form. In the past few months, I’ve been feeling really frustrated and experiencing a lot of unnecessary stress as the biggest part of my portfolio, Plum Deluxe, continues to grow. The problem is a […]

4 Biz Lessons You Can Learn from Winemakers

wine tourism conference
wine tourism conference

Last week I attended (and spoke at) the 2013 Wine Tourism Conference hosted here in Portland.  I was really inspired by some of the stories of the wine tourism associations, winemakers, and other wine-related businesses in attendance.  Here were 4 of my biggest takeaways. 1. Collaboration just works. There’s a saying in the business/economic circles […]